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About Amardip Atwal

Working his way through school, Amardip Atwal earned a bachelor of science in marketing from San Jose State University. He was simultaneously employed in a supervisory position at Best Buy in San Jose, California, where he oversaw the daily job responsibilities of more than 20 employees. Drawing on this experience, in 2011 Amardip Atwal accepted a position with as senior reputation advisor. Liaising between the company and clients to ensure successful management of each account, he was also responsible for educating clients on the updated benefits of the online reputation service.

In 2013, Amardip Atwal became customer success manager for In this role, he continues to drive the company’s sales and growth goals through the development of positive long-term relationships with clients. He also identifies and explores expansion opportunities.

Apart from his professional endeavors, Atwal enjoys working out and watching movies. An avid sports enthusiast, he plays ice and roller hockey and counts the San Jose Sharks and the Oakland Raiders among his favorite professional teams.


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