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Is social media hurting social skills

The other day I was having a general conversation with some family at a party that I hosted. The topic of social media came up and how everyone is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now Snapchat.  We looked around to see how many people were paying attention to ongoing event. We were surprised to see that half of the people there were paying attention to their phone. The funny thing was as I was hosting the party I was getting tagged left and right in their posts. They were worried more about status updates rather than enjoying the party.  Every time I would look at a post it would make me laugh because there would be a picture/status update with hastags #somuchfun #havingagreattime #party #dancing #fun.  But in reality these were the people who were just sitting down and paying attention to their phones rather than enjoying the party. It got me thinking that socializing is going to be a thing of the past as people are getting lazier and relying on social media as a means to communicate. I can see the next generation struggling with social skills as they are relying on technology as a means of socializing.  Don’t get me wrong I love social media but I think it has to be used in the correct way. When we use social media correctly it can be a very powerful tool and if it is not used correctly it can definitely damage our reputations which we see on a daily basis.